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Virtual Radiant Beauty + Health Mentoring

Throughout my almost 30 years in natural healing, I've acquired quite a few additional modalities into my "healing bag of tools". From aromatherapy, myofascial release, Kundalini meditation, energy work, whole-foods based nutrition, movement therapies from being a life-long dancer and yogi to cultivating a nourishing mindset of Self Love. 

Thanks to requests and after a trial-run with a handful of individuals curious about improving their overall wellbeing, by observing the changes I've made in my own life, I am now offering virtual health and beauty mentoring for everyone all around the world, virtually. 


This 5 session series creates the building blocks you can immediately utilize to improve your self-care / healthy-aging regimen, cultivate more self confidence, overcome self-deprecating behaviors (food / substance issues) or discover effective ways to heal old traumas to achieve a more harmonious, productive and inspiring life while 

utilizing all of these skills / tools I've honed in,

especially meditation / mind-set practices. 

We meet virtually (Zoom, FaceTime or Skype) for one hour, once per week. A 30 minute virtual consultation is required to determin exactly what you would like to work on. That 30 minute consultation fee of $50 is then applied to your 5 week session investment.

Though completely customizable to meet your specific needs, a few examples of sessions include:

Healthy Mindset

Eliminate fear and anxiety, overcome feeling overwhelmed with more ability to focus on what brings you joy and success. 

This may include modifying your diet, zeroing in on vitamin deficiencies that may create the Monkey Mind, meditation, distance

Learn your best ways to maintain a calm heart and satisfied, more creative / productive mind.

Deeksha energy work and finalizing a template you can follow and modify once you've completed your series.

Discover how to go "off the grid" and truly enjoy your own company,

"Thank you for helping me plant my feet back onto the ground, Tamara! I was enveloped in fear and haven't felt like myself for over a year. You have taught me to breathe back into my body and I no longer need the alcohol every night to sleep because I was so frozen in fear every day. I love my new way of living and can't wait for my nature walks this winter, too. I am forever grateful! Bless you!" ~ K. D.

Beauty Bootcamp

Learn the most effective facial massage + exercises to stimulate collagen formation, strengthen the facial muscles and eliminate sagging and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Be guided in how to derma-roll / derma-pen on your own and with the most optimal products.

Learn specific meditations for rejuvenation... What?! There are meditations for healthier skin? Yes! Let me show you the way!

Explore the best colors or makeup, scarves, clothing, hats and sunglasses to accentuate your unique bone structure and complexion.

Vibrant Lifestyle

Cultivate a healthier relationship with nourishment, substances, screen time + relationships. They're all inter-connected!

Develop your most optimal get-up-and-go motivations to overcome self deprecating patterns.

Find your creative / productive / positive outlet and get started while doing your series. 

Learn how to release your "triggers" while staying focused on your dreams + goals.

Fine-tune your diet, hydration and supplements to support yourself along the way.

Feel + DEAL + Heal

Though healing various traumas is often a lifelong journey​, learning how to ground yourself within your body and mind is key for peace and happiness..

We've heard the term "feel it to heal it", right? But how do you deal with what you feel to actually heal? This is the segue!

Learn how to cultivate Self Love by identifying blocks / depletions in each of the predominant emotions connected to specific organ systems related to the Five Elements in Nature as we identify in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Learn unique meditations and experience energetic healing techniques that shift and heal the stress receptors within the brain.

Develop the ability to identify your True Self and Soul Purpose through meditations, self contemplation and writing / doodling / drawing exercises.

"Wow! I never would have thought I would be saying I'm thankful for a breakup, but I'm now so happy to be taking myself on the dates my former relationships never would have gone. I can now identify where I was overgiving for everyone else but starving myself of the true love I deserve. I love getting to know the 'New Me'!" ~ S. T.

Every series is customized for you, so a consultation is highly recommended to set the plan for your next five weeks. 

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