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Tamara is an anti-aging rockstar! She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to maintaining youth and health. I’m so happy I found her, I’ve been a client for 3 months and my skin is gotten all glowy and tight.

~ A. W.

I am so pleased with the results of my plasma fibroblast lift already! It gets better and better by the day!

~ E. M.


Wow! I am super happy with the results of my fibroblast lift! I honestly couldn't be happier. I'm sending a few girlfriends your way. We've all been seeking a more natural option for lifting our jawlines in our 50's and this is it! Thank you!

~ S. C.


I have been a patient of Zen Redhead Acupuncture Clinic for two years now. Prior to starting my appointments, I felt that I was looking so tired and drawn. The facial rejuvenation really helps with fine lines, parallel lines and it helps keep my eyes lifted. I look more rested and happier too! It's like botox without all the toxicity. I always look forward to my appointments there. Tamara is a joy to work with!

~ A. M.

My skin has looked so youthful with your facial acupuncture treatments! It's helped me with everything from allergies to hot flashes, too. So happy I took the leap and did your plasma fibroblast treatment for my jowls and age spots. The spots are basically gone and I definitely feel more confident on Zoom calls thanks to the incredible firming! The dots for a week are so worth it. Thank you!

~ T. M.

I swear by facial rejuvenation acupuncture. It is the best thing I have ever done for my skin. I struggled with blemishes and scaring for years, and after 4 treatments with Tamara, my skin was better than it has ever been. I recommend facial rejuvenation with Tamara to anyone who would like to reduce blemishes, scaring, fine lines, and wrinkles. Your complexion will be flawless.

~ M. C.

Tamara is the very best at what she does. We, the whole family, have been clients of Zen Red Head for over 7 years. We are thrilled with the care, service and results we feel with Tamara's touch. She a gifted healer with a really fun flare for business. I highly recommend Zen Red Head.

~ T. P.

I started going to Zen Redhead for a myriad of concerns. I felt as if, based on diet and activity levels, I should have been very healthy, but I continued to get migraines and headaches, rashes and a slew of other issues that I won't divulge over the internet.

That said, I met with Tamara and knew immediately that she was knowledgeable and patient and could explain the root of my concerns clearly. She helped me understand the treatment and home care that I could use to help reduce my concerns, and within the first two treatments, I was already noticing a substantial improvement in every one of my issues. I could not believe how quickly I saw results!

I highly recommend Tamara because I know she's talented at listening to the concerns of each client and customizing treatments accordingly.

~ A. M.

I 'exhausted' skin is SOOO clear and bright today!! If it hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't believe how FAST results pop up!! LOVE YA GIRL..and your needles too!!! xoxoxo
Oh-and as much as I love my skin looking great, most importantly my body and mood are MUCH MUCH better! Can I say, REJUVINATED across the board!!

Combining acupuncture with my regular routine of massage, exercise and healthy diet has proved to be amazing! And Tamara has treated my sun damaged skin/hyperpigmentation fantastically, results far better than peels I've had in the past!

~ C. R.

I recommend Tamara Hutchins most highly! Over the period of 3 years, acupuncture has guided my body towards balance like nothing else ever has. When I met Tamara, I was dealing with adult acne, chronic fatigue, severe menstrual pain and irregularity, and a life time of digestion issues. I saw her every week for 3 months and watched my world turn around. I maintain with monthly sessions and I'm most grateful to be in the trusted hands of a Master of Chinese Medicine! 


The Zen Redhead Acupuncture clinic has the best kept secret for radiant skin in the dry climate of Colorado! Tamara's skin care oil actually absorbs deep down into the skin without making your skin appear greasy (shiny might be a *nicer* word here). I wash my face at night and apply the oh-so-aromatic oil (my husband LOVES the smell) and in the morning I just splash my face with water and GO! No need to reapply! That's what I call hydrating (or *moisturizing*. whatever you prefer)!

~ W. E.

As a recent transplant from Southern California, my body was having a very hard time adjusting to winter and to the Colorado climate in general. In fact, it put my entire body in a downward spiral to total imbalance. Enter in Miss Tamara, Acupuncturist Extraordinaire! After initially meeting casually and having a brief conversation regarding health and wellness I knew we were on the same page,so I made an appointment to come in. Upon my arrival for my appointment, she went over all of my health concerns in great detail. No rushing here and what a relief to find a health care professional that doesn't rush you in and out of your appointment but takes the time to really understand the concerns that you have. Tamara believes in a holistic approach to health, incorporating acupuncture, herbal remedies, fitness and nutrition. She helped me create a plan of attack to get me back on track. Tamara is an extremely skillful acupuncturist moving steadily about, working with the most gentle touch. You don't even know she is putting a bunch of needles in you! Then include soft music and a heat lamp and this southern California girl was in heaven!
I've been a regular for a couple months now coming in once a week for my treatments and my energy levels are on the rebound and i'm finally feeling energized and finding my balance again. Thank you Tamara!
I would definitely recommend anyone considering acupuncture to make an appointment. Zen Red Head will not let you down!

~ L. P. 

i just left (undisclosed patient’s name)’s house from doing her bridal makeup - you are FABULOUS!  her skin looks SO MUCH better than it did when I first met her.  I'm so glad her and her mom are going to you - they adore you.  thanks for making my job easier.  xoxoxo - Cynthia Goodberry (Denver’s Makeup Guru)


A response from a patient after her first Facial Rejuvenation Acupncture session:  "Holy S&%#, honey! What the H%#@ was I doing Botox for?? This is a MIRACLE!!"

~ K. C.


Whittney's reviews

5 star rating

Review of Zen Redhead Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture


Facial Rejuvenation is one of Tamara's many specialties. With her expert advice on diet, meditation, and acupuncture, I have beautiful clear skin where I had acne for years. Her work has helped me tremendously to balance hormones. She's incredibly smart and carries a bright and comforting light about her. I highly recommend the Zen Redhead.

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I LOVE the facial massage/acupuncture combo.  The massage feels so fantastic, relaxing and stimulating at the same time.  I've attended Tamara's class on doing the do-it-yourself facial massage, and I have been doing it pretty often.  I think my face feels firmer, and my skin looks healthy from the increased circulation of the massage.  I also think that iit's going to keep my skin looking younger in the long run. I plan to keep going regularly!

~ Karen T.




I am so much healthier... thanks to Tamara at Zen Redhead Acupuncture.  I saw her for facial rejuvenation acupuncture, but she helped me with so many other health problems.  I don’t suffer from acne anymore, I haven’t had a migraine in at least 5 months, and my menstrual cycle is normal.  I don’t know how she does it, but Tamara has made me a new woman!  My husband and children are relieved that I am much calmer and less stressed.  I was reluctant to receive acupuncture, but my friend looked so good after seeing Tamara that I just had to get in.  Now I’m the happiest woman in the world!  Thanks Tamara!  ~ Bethany M.

Pros:  Ambience, compassion, knowledge



Now I don’t have to hide my forehead from my boyfriend anymore!

~ G. D.


Thanks to the meditation and Deeksha session last week, I have been in a “Love Bubble” all week!  My roommate keeps wondering what happened to me.  I was so stressed out and just couldn’t shake it.  It’s unbelievable how that session completely changed my tune.  Thank you!

~ N. R.



About a year ago I hurt my back moving a couch down a flight of stairs...strained it real bad....then 7 months ago I was in a auto accident and aggravated the injury....I was in severe pain.  I went to the orthopedic doctors and chiropractors.  Even tried massage, stretching (physical therapy) then I tried acupuncture...although the acupuncture seemed to work best...I was still in pain...


I found Tamara on the Deeksha web site which I found through Daily Om....

I received Deeksha from her in one of her Tuesday evening sessions.  Much to my surprise most of the pain was gone in two days....

I went back to another session and the next day all of my pain disappeared.

That was over a month ago and I am still pain free....totally amazing!!

I am a believer....not to mention being able to deal with day to day problems in a more centered way...


Thank you Tamara....You truly have a wonderful gift.

~ Richard A.



I love looking younger while growing wiser!

~ J. S.




Tamara Hutchins made me look and feel 10 years younger!  She is the most incredible acupuncturist I have ever encountered!  And, I’ve been receiving acupuncture for over 20 years.  She has amazing attention to detail, which shows in my ultra-smooth skin.  It is also quite obvious by how everyone leaves her office not only looking younger but happier and healthier.  Tamara is who I recommend!  ~ Laurel P.

Pros:  Ambiance, skill, professionalism



My wife has been suffering from diabetes for over 30 years.  As a nurse, she understands how to care for her disorder through diet and medication.  But, this wasn’t enough.  She experiences extreme bouts with nausea and vomiting, which has hospitalized her over and over again for years.  The doctors’ bills have been excruciating.


I started bringing her to Tamara Hutchins, L.Ac., MSTCM last year for acupuncture treatment.  To our amazement, Tamara has kept my wife out of the hospital all year long!  Anyone who suffers from diabetes needs to find out about acupuncture.  This valuable treatment has saved my wife’s life!

~ R. H.




Since my mid 20’s, I have had acne problems.  Not only was the acupuncture helpful, but Tamara’s guidance on nutrition made a big difference in the health of my skin.  Thanks to her, I know that several factors contribute to my skin’s health and she offered a comprehensive solution that has worked wonderfully.

~ Rob E.



I contemplated having a surgical facelift, but wondered what type of message I would send my children.

~ P. B.




I can’t say enough about Tamara and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture!  THIS WORKS!  Tamara is a knowledgeable and thoughful practitioner who takes the time to learn about your lifestyle and acupuncture goals.  Tamara works with you and your body’s natural healing abilities to help you look and feel terrific!  The amazing part of this process is not that the wrinkles on your face seem to magically diminish and disappear, but that you feel as if your whole being is less wrinkled, from the inside out!  You won’t believe the results... until people you see every day start making little comments about how great you look!  I highly recommend Tamara and this process for anyone looking for a way to both look and feel better!

~ Lisa C.


Forget about how great my face looks, my hot flashes went away!

~ C. I.




I have made a career modeling for the past 15 years.  I’ve experienced all kinds of facial treatments and was beginning to worry I might start looking artificial and possibly loose work.  I heard about Tamara from a few friends in the business and thought I would give her a try.  My friends look so much younger and one even flies in from LA to see her.  I can really see the difference!  I am so pleased with her work!  She is sharp, compassionate, and understands beauty.  I feel healthier and definitely have more endurance now.  I also appreciate the fact that Tamara lives a healthy life.  She radiates health and happiness.  She’s hip, without being too hippie-like!  She is approachable and intelligent.  She’s fairly modest about her accomplishments, so I thought I would send in this review.  She is the person to go to!  She literally has a line of people coming and going from her office getting this procedure done, and everyone looks fantastic!  I just love her!  And, I just KNOW she used to model, but isn’t telling anyone.  Thanks Tamara for everything!  Your secret is OUT!



My husband noticed my complexion immediately.  He can’t stop touching my face!  

~ A. T



Hi Tamara!

Just wanted to let you know I started using your face oil when I left on my Saturday night would have been the first.  I had a facial at the spa and had the lady look at that "bump" that I showed you that began the day I had my last laser treatment.  She thought it was probably not directly caused from the laser, but maybe indirectly.  My skin's defenses would have been lowered because of the laser treatment and she thought it looked kind of wart-like, and especially since it changes in size all the time it might be something like that.  I made a mental note to start putting some tea tree oil on it when I got home, because I think I remember that smothering it, esp with something like that would make it go away.  Well, no need!  A couple of days later I noticed it was already significantly smaller because of general use of YOUR oil, and then I started making sure I put a little extra on it.  It's not completely gone yet, but very close to it!  I've had it since late summer or last fall and I have been putting Rescue Remedy on it or Retin A, and that made it shrink, but if I forgot one or 2 nights, it grew again.


AND, for a couple of months I've had this mystery mark on my wrist.  It was a red blotch, it kind of looked like like a burn, about 1 1/2 inches long and maybe 3/4 " wide.  It didn't hurt or itch or anything, but sometimes got kind of dry looking like some kind of rash.  I was putting Rescue Remedy on that too, with kind of the same results.  It would look better or worse sometimes, but didn't go away.  WELL, I always put whatever I use on my face on the back of my hands, too, and would kind of get the tail-end of the oil on my wrist.  Guess what?  Less than a week of that and the mystery blotch is almost gone too!


Good Stuff!

See ya soon,

K. T.


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