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Plasma Fibroblast Photos

Before / After + Immediately After Procedure


New Woman!

"After finishing menopause, I noticed my skin thin and lose elasticity in what seemed like overnight. I didn't want to do a facelift, so I tried fibroblast with Tamara. Wow! I am so happy with my skin! I'm a new woman!"

This is one single full plasma fibroblast treatment for sun damaged and thinning skin. Her results are remarkable!

Fresh and Firm

"I am so pleased with my results! My skin is so soft. Baby soft, in fact! The firmness is unbelievable. I believe you took almost ten years off my face. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

IMG_0146 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Natural Facelift

"I have done two full plasma fibroblast treatments to firm my lower face and neck. The results are so nice. I have no interest in doing a surgical facelift, so this procedure has been a wonderful alternative. Being over 60, Tamara promised me that my results would be fully evident within four months. Very happy that I chose this option!"

Eyes Before / Immediately After

This image shows patient's eyes before and immediately after the treatment. Carbon dots take around five to six days to shed away in this region. The carbon dots take around six to seven days to shed away from the other areas of the face. For the neck, carbon dots usually shed away in eight to nine days. You are gifted a full care kit to use throughout your healing process. This helps soothe and speed up the recovery process.


Very Gentle Eye Lift via Plasma Fibroblast

This is a very gentle plasma fibroblast treatment for the eye. Utilizing 2/3 the energy commonly done for the eye region. Her results are natural and firm even with a more delicate approach.

Carbon dots shedded within three days and results within one month for this patient.

Goodbye, Sun Damage!

"Having fibroblast treatment to my chest was so easy! I've had Tamara treat my face and was so impressed by the results, I moved on to my chest. Easy-breezy to hide while the dots healed and WOW! My skin looks amazing! Now, my chest matches the rest of my complexion. Guess how old I am? I'll bet you guess wrong!"



See photos below for before / immediately after fibroblast treatment, as well as all angles fully healed.

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