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Premenstrual syndrome symptoms are decreased

Migraine headache relief

Anxiety and depression reduced

Fewer missed workdays, due to healthier employees

Improvement in symptoms of cancer and AIDS patients

Insomnia can be reduced or cured

Chronic pain symptoms can be alleviated

Complete or improved recovery of high blood pressure

Improved mental focus

Increased satisfaction with life


Every day, more and more of us are discovering the benefits of meditation.  Scientific research has proven that meditation’s positive effect on brain-wave activity can lower blood pressure, decrease stress and anxiety, and even improve sleep.  In the past, it seemed that only the alternative health community suggested meditation to their patients.  Now, along with natural practitioners, medical physicians and hospitals are integrating meditation as another tool for improving both physical and mental health.  Even large corporations are offering meditation classes to their employees for increased production and satisfaction in the workplace.


Another mode for improving brain functioning is Deeksha, an energy work from Southern India.  Meaning “transmission” in Sanscrit, Deeksha is a scientifically proven energy work that initiates a neuro-physiological shift within the parietal lobes of the brain.  With this shift, a clearer, more peaceful, focused state of mind is achieved.  Researchers from around the world are confirming that the energetic brain-wave activity changes from Deeksha energy transmissions are a significant benefit to peace of mind; inducing a state of emotional well-being and sense of inter-connectedness.  Relief of physical ailments have also been reported from Deeksha transmissions.


Tamara Hutchins, L.Ac., MSTCM, CMT has practiced meditation for nearly two decades.  Beginning with Zen Meditation, she explored many different meditation styles which led to practicing Kundalini Medical Meditation.  She 

was quite impressed with the scientific findings on Kundalini and began teaching specific meditations to her patients.  Always exploring new concepts in healing, Tamara was introduced to Deeksha in 2006 by the actress Lindsay Wagner.  Ms. Wagner traveled to Colorado to share the profound effects of Deeksha; peace of mind, a sense of connection to others and our environment, and an improvement of physical health.  As well, Deeksha is a simple technique for bringing the mind into a deeper state of meditation; scientifically proven, of course.  Tamara was so impressed with Deeksha’s effects on her own body and mind that she traveled to Golden City, India for Deeksha practitioner training at the Oneness University.  She now incorporates Deeksha and meditation with her acupuncture practice for a whole-health approach to healing.


According to certain neuroendocrinology research studies, it is believed that as we age, our endocrine system degenerates.  Beginning as early as our twenties, various glands of the endocrine system (the hypothalamus, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, and the reproductive organs) begin to produce fewer of the hormones that help keep us rejuvenated and healthy.  For instance, the pineal gland produces melatonin.  As melatonin declines, we get less deep, delta-wave sleep.


Kundalini Medical Meditation incorporates using the breath, posture and movement (including finger positions), mantras and mental focus.  From PET scan findings, moving the fingers into different positions causes brain stimulation, showing direct impact on brain functioning.  The same goes for chanting mantras.  The vibration of the upper palate of the mouth, caused by chanting particular sounds, has invigorating effects on our endocrine system because the hypothalamus, the pineal and pituitary glands’ close proximity.  


Kundalini Medical Meditation is simple to learn.  The rhythmic chanting of mantras makes clearing the mind much easier than some other meditation techniques which force a person to try to clear their mind.  Our Western minds are full of “mental chatter” which is almost next to impossible to turn off.  Many meditators eventually give up on their meditation regimes, as they grow frustrated by not meeting their goals of a “silent mind.”  Chanting mantras and following finger mudras give a person something else to focus on, with the extra benefit of balancing their brain energy and chemistry!


Many of us would agree that our fast paced society sets us into a state of “fight or flight,” leaving our mind with unnecessary interference to contend with.  By calming the mind through the transmission of Deeksha energy, we can be released from anxiety and worry; enabling ourselves to experience a life with more clarity and the ability to focus on what is happening in the moment.


Benefits of Deeksha...

Reduced emotional reactivity

Less “mind chatter”

Healing of relationships

Improved sleep

Increased energy levels

Pain relief

Diminishment of anxieties and fears

Ease with the self and everyday life

Improved physical health

Higher states of consciousness

Emotional clarity

The ability to experience the present more fully

A sense of connection to all that is

A stronger sense of joy and bliss


According to scientific evidence, Deeksha is an energy transmission that causes a neuro-physiological shift within the parietal lobes of the brain.  With this shift, the senses are no longer distracted by the mind’s interpretations or “mind chatter.”  Therefore, a natural clarity occurs, along with spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calmness, and a peaceful, more focused state of mind.  Deeksha aids in re-patterning negative life programming, releases traumas which have been stored at the cellular and energetic levels, and promotes deep emotional and physical healing.  A spacious, clear connection to the world around us is invoked by the Deeksha energy transmission.


Each energy transmission is given by a certified Deeksha practioner who positions their hands upon the recipient’s head (atop the parietal regions) for approximately two minutes.  Experiences during the Deeksha transmissions vary.  After the transmission, the recipient may feel a tingling sensation in the head, blissful energy flowing through the body, or feel relaxed and find it necessary to lie down.  This is the body’s natural integration of the energy shift and is quite common.  Others may feel nothing at all.  Whatever the experience, the recipients of a Deeksha transmission usually witness changes in their lives within the next few weeks.  These changes can be in how we react to bothersome situations, and often, others may even perceive us as being calmer and more focused.  The benefits of Deeksha are cumulative and may manifest immediately or gradually, depending on the individual.  


Inspired by the need to share this knowledge with her patients, Tamara Hutchins traveled to India to study Deeksha in 2007.  As a graduate of the Oneness University in Golden City, India, she is a certified Deeksha practitoner.  At that time, Oneness University in India was the only location in the world where people were certified as practioners.  Ms. Hutchins gives Deeksha for groups, private sessions, over the telephone, or by intent.  She often incorporates Deeksha into her acupuncture treatments and meditation sessions, if requested, which aids in calming the mind, intensifying meditation, and deepening each individual’s healing objective.


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