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Creating a Daily Tea Ritual - Three Simple Steps for Practicing Presence One Sip at a Time

Taking time for tea has been celebrated by cultures all over our world for thousands of years. I believe we've always valued the moment to pause, contemplate and visualize while enjoying the aromas and benefits of what Nature has provided for us in the form of tea leaves, roots and flowers steeped in beautiful cups and kettles.

Step 1 - Choose your Setting

Whether it be at your kitchen island, outside on your patio, or even at your desk, choose your tea pot and cup. What style suits you best? There are so many lovely options available. You will most likely choose the one that represents your desired mindset. Take a look around your space. Are you able to observe something naturally beautiful while you prepare your tea? If you wish, you can place fresh flowers, a plant or even a small nature painting near your tea station to invite peace and tranquility to this ritual.

Step 2 - Tune In with your Body, Mind and Soul

What does my body need right now? What does my heart need at this moment? What does my mind need? What is my soul telling me? Answer each question while focusing your energy and mind inward. If you need an energy boost, perhaps something caffeinated or a little ginger if you feel cold. If you need to soothe your heart, opt for a tea with rose to open and replenish this energy center. Our soul can desire unique teas with many colors and flavor variations. Let it guide your way. Brew your tea, pouring the hot water over your chosen formula. Feel the warmth of the cup as your tea steeps. Smell the aroma wafting up from the cup. What thoughts come to mind? Take them in. Allow your mind to relax and observe.

Step 3 - Savor Your Tea

What color is your tea? Notice the smell, temperature and unique experience this particular cup provides at the moment. Lift the cup and explore the intensity or gentleness of it's story. Each cup has a different narrative. As you take your first sip, actualize it's unique flavor and consistency. Allow yourself to really sink into your seat and appreciate what Mother Nature has gifted you with this special concoction. Tune in with your body. Are your relaxed or invigorated? Allow any questions or revelations to flow. Any creative ideas may flow, as well. Enjoy this special moment you've initiated. As you finish your cup of tea, appreciate and thank yourself for this Self Love. Welcome to the rest of your day!


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