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You Are a Seedling - Five Steps to Cultivate Your Best Energy for Spring

When placed into soil, a seedling experiences an arduous, yet beautiful metamorphosis to become a strong and healthy plant. And like baby plants, your energy is much like a seedling this time of year. You must focus on nourishing your body, mind and soul to cultivate the energy you will need for Summertime growth, activity and resiliency.

Step 1 - Wake with the Sun

Our sun is our energy center. It brings life to our planet. By connecting to the sun every morning, your carcadian rhythm is reset, awakening the mitochondria of all your cells and brightening your mental outlook for the day. Gaze just above or below the sun as it crests the horizon. Breathe in fully and exhale. Set your morning mindset for happiness and sharing love throughout the day.

Step 2 - Move and Stretch

Just as a seedling does within it's shell, eventually sprouting up and out of the soil to meet the sunshine. To have bright mental health, you must also have strong physical health. Walking, jogging or a run along a beautiful path in nature is a wonderful way to receive your "Nature Therapy", as the trees, birds and water's energetic frequencies atune your own receptors. Yoga, pilates, spin cycling, lifting weights or attending your favorite exercise class are indoor activities that will energize you, as well. The collective energy from your classmates and gym mates is much like the communication trees, fauna and animals all utilize to communicate in Nature's Village.

Step 3 - Sit in Silence 10 Minutes a Day

Even baby sprouts take little moments to gather their energy during the process of emerging from the soil for all to see. Sitting peacefully gives us the chance to be present in the moment, gives our minds a break from the chit-chat of constant distraction. This space provides us the time for being our most mindful. Ten minutes a day is a great way to begin. If you practice this, soon you'll discover taking little pulses of stillness throughout the day will empower your problem-solving skills, shaping you to be more robust in mind, body and soul.

Step 4 - Feed Your Body, Fertilize Your Spirit

Just as the plants in our gardens need the proper nutrients to grow, we need protein and vitamins for optimal functioning of our organ systems. Colorful plates of food with an emphasis on power nutrients (protein and healthy fats) and plenty of vegetables will re-awaken your body and brain to feel fresh and revitalized. And, of course, hydration is key for all living things. Sometimes we drink less water in the winter because we've been more idle. But this time of year, it is imperative to take in as much clean water as possible. Your skin will thank you for the moisture, and brighten it right up, too.

Step 5 - Prioritize Healthy Sleep

Just as plants are engaged in cell respiration at night as part of the process of photosynthesis, humans require adequate brain and body rest to process all of the day's activities, both physical and intellectual. Sleep is essential for reducing stress, increasing resiliency and performance, balancing mental health and boosting your motivation. Be sure to finish eating at least two hours before bed. Opt for a good book or journaling or writing down your thoughts. You can set goals, express gratitude or even free-write to release any negative thoughts before cozying under the covers. Be sure your bedroom is dark and cool, to calm and ground you for a solid rest. Blackout curtains and blinds, as well as a beautiful silk eye mask are quite helpful for protecting you from the blue light that inhibits your mind from fully resting while you sleep.

Once you practice these five steps, you will feel more in tune and in sync with not only nature, but your fellow humans. We are all part of this great World Energy. You are loved. You are nourished. You are essential.


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